Can Low Testosterone Levels Lead To Depression In Men

Recently, a study revealed that men with low testosterone levels are more prone to depression.

The study further presented a statistical data, indicating that out of 4 men with low testosterone levels, 2 ended up being depressed in some stage in their lifespan.

So, what is the science behind this study, how can low testosterone levels in men, can make them more likely to become depressed? What is the logical connection between low testosterone levels and depression in men?


Testosterone tends to be a very crucial male sex hormone that is produced in testes. It is greatly needed for the smooth development and aging in men. Saying this would not be wrong that it a source of stamina, sex drive, sperm creation, bone density etc.

You may say, the overall health of a man is determined by how well his testes produce testosterone. So, in case the production of testosterone is low, then the likelihood of depression increases for they may encounter psychological issues at some point in their life.

You may have heard about a very common medical condition by the name hypogonadism. It is marked by the inability of testes to produce sufficient amount of testosterone, needed for the healthy development in men.

Even though, low testosterone levels are responsible for causing hypogonadism is known, yet, to what amount this imperative hormone is needed for a healthy body, is still unknown. What makes it a mystery is a fact that a man needs different amounts of testosterone in every stage of his life, for example, the amount of testosterone he needs during his adolescence is varied from the amount of testosterone he needs while he reaches the age of 40.

Men with low testosterone levels are sexually inactive, have less morning erections, low sex drive, sleep disorders, are weak, feel fatigue more often and are unable to have longer and stronger erections. Now the question which arises here is that what can be done to overcome this problem? Something that can boost the production of testosterone in the body for the healthy development and aging, something that can boost libido in a very natural way?

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Testo Max is very potent supplement that aids in boosting the production of testosterone. Since it is formulated using hundred percent natural ingredients, the supplement works very naturally without causing any harm to your health. Testo Max is recommended by many, to the ones willing to develop muscles and enhance libido.


It is marketed and supplied by a very renowned company, Crazy bulk that deals in sport nutritional supplements. Testo Max is FDA approved and using it is regarded as legal! Well, if you are willing to stimulate the production of testosterone in your body, but in a very natural way, then I would suggest you a very effective nutritional supplement, Testo Max!

Have a look to some core benefits of Testo Max:


  • Testo Max helps your body to produce testosterone through a very natural mechanism.
  • Increased production of testosterone will boost your libido and help you perform better in bed.
  • The supplement helps to improve the supply of blood, which is beneficial for your overall health.
  • Augmented level of testosterone will increase your stamina and energy levels, by this; you can perform better and can excel all your tasks.
  • It soothes your mind and relieves stress.
  • For people willing to cut some pounds from their weight, the supplement is an ideal choice.
  • As the level of this imperative male sex hormone increases in your body, you are more likely to age gracefully.

So, this was Testo Max, a supplement that can help you regain the lost confidence in bed, but what if, if you cannot hold your erections longer till the time you manage to satisfy your partner and yourself? What if, if your erections are not stronger enough? Well, for this purpose, you can go for an advanced formula like Vigrx Plus!


It is an erection enhancement pill that can help you enjoy your intimacy for a longer period of time. Vigrx Plus is getting an extremely positive response from the market, for people are liking the way it has been helping them with longer and stronger erections!

Vigrx plus, is basically intended for the ones with erectile dysfunction, a condition wherein it becomes difficult to uphold erections. Have a look to some core benefits associated with Vigrx Plus:


  • Vigrx plus is an erection enhancement pill that can help you with better erections. Better erections simply mean that you can uphold your erections for a longer period.
  • Besides, Vigrx plus also helps you to have stronger and firmer erections.
  • Its usage will help you control ejaculations at the time of intercourse.
  • It is also beneficial for curvature, resulted by Peyronie’s disease.
  • Vigrx Plus is highly effective for impotence.

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Male enhancement industry is saturated with thousands of products all that come with promising results to improve your sexual health and life.

However, how effective each of these is, can be fairly answered by the ones who have actually tried these. Unfortunately, many of these penis enlargement products prove to be a total waste of money for they end up being ineffective or even worse, harmful for your penile.

Provided with thousands of options, it becomes very difficult for many to choose one that rightly fits to their needs. Considering the need, I have prepared a list of some every effective penis enlargement products that are and will be ruling the year 2016,.

However, these are categorized into penis enlargement product and sex enhancement products, have a look to these:



Size genetics is one over-the-counter penis extender that is not just clinically tested, but is also endorsed by doctors. It utilizes the traction technique to add inches to your penile size. Furthermore, it has been ruling the market for almost 20 years now, and has managed to benefit thousands of users all across the globe.

With its 58 way ultimate comfort system, you can increase the size of your penis in a very comfortable, effective and faster way! It comes with a 3 months money back guarantee, so you can claim your money bank in case you find Size Genetics ineffective!

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Male extra is a very powerful penis enlargement pill that can help you add 0.8 to 2.6” to your penis size, during erections. The formula of Male extra includes L-Arginine and Pomegranate that holds sexual health benefits for you to have stronger and longer erections.

Male extra comes with a 60 days money back guarantee for you to claim your money, in case of finding these penis enlargement pills of no use.

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If you are not new to the male enhancement market, then you may have heard about this name Penomet. If not, then it is a water assisted penis enlargement pump that can help you add inches to your penile size in a very safe and natural manner.  The gaiter system technology enables your penis size to increase by raising the pressure, gradually and conveniently.

Penomet is the invention of some highly professional experts who have designed this penis enlargement tool for you to benefit from. Due to its effectiveness, the product has also managed to won awards in the previous years. Penomet is effective and easy on your pocket!

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It is penis enlargement program for the ones who do not prefer pills or device for this very purpose. Penishealth are medically supported activities that have helped thousands to increase their penile size, in less than a decade.

This cost effective approach demands you to invest 8 minutes of your day, for the increase in the size and girth of your penile.

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For people who fail to uphold their erections for a longer period of time, or the ones who do not experience harder erections, vigrx plus is an ultimate solution. Not just vigrx plus helps with stronger and longer erections, however, it also helps to improve sex drive and performance.

Vigrx plus is also beneficial for the ones with concerns like impotence and peyronie’s disease. All in all, it helps to improve our overall sexual health in a very safer, effective and natural manner.

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It is a medical type 1 device that can help you ‘fix’ the curvatures caused by Peyronies disease. Besides, peyronies device is a clinically proven device that supplies constant pressure to the penile, which enables it to stretch and straighten eventually.

Not just it works to mend the curvature; however the device also helps you with stronger erections. In a nutshell, it helps you improve your sexual life, by straightening the penile and easing pain/discomfort during sex.

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It works as a testosterone booster, the fundamental male sex hormone which improves sexual desire and performance in bed. Testosterone max stimulates the making of testosterone in the body, so that you can improve your sexual health naturally.

The supplement contains androgenic as well as anabolic properties all that benefit your body in several ways. Testosterone max is an ideal choice for all those willing to boost their libido. Plus, it is also use to deal with impotence.

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Performer5 is a dual purpose pill that helps to improve the quality and volume of your semen, and to add inches to your penile size.

Saying this would not be wrong that performer5 helps to give the needed boost to your sexual life so that the charm of intimacy doubles! Performer5 does not possess any side effects and comes with 180 days money back guarantee!

So, these were some very effective and cost effective male enhancement products that are medically baked and mostly endorsed by doctors!

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Like females leave no stone un turn to enhance their sex appeal, men too are no different! They seek every possible mean that can help them add inches in their penis size. Indeed, the longer it is, the more their partners are likely to enjoy their sexual intimacy in bed!

However, not every particular man prefer surgery, which is indeed, an effective option however is too risky. Besides, options like these are also not easy for an average consumer’s pocket.

There comes a number of products that intend to enhance your sex drive and performance, whereas you may comes across some very effective penis enlargement tools that can help you increase the size and girth of your penis.

However, if you are not interested to try any of these, and are willing to try some natural means to increase your penis size, then penis enlargement exercises can help you with this very purpose.

Penis enlargement exercises have actually benefited many who have practiced these to improve their penile size.

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It is a technique that aids in improving the penile size, in a very natural manner. Jelq is considered as the backbone of all penile enlargement exercises and is proven effective for almost all those who have tried it. Jelqing is commonly known as milking, and with this natural technique, a man can easily increase the size of his penis by inches.

So, how does jelqing works? Basically, it expands the tissues of penis, so that the circulation of blood to the penis is increased. By this, the chances of improvement in the size of penis increases.

Here are the easy steps of jelqing:

  • Before you start with this physical exercise, you will be needed a good baby oil. It will work as a lubricant and exercising on a dry penis can cause you discomfort and pain. Avoid using lotion or creams, just pick baby oil and apply it on your penis before you get started.
  • After the completion of first step, its time for some action now. Using the forefinger and thumb of your right hand, make the shape of ‘OK’.
  • Now, cover the sign around the penile base, for this tends to be your starting position.
  • Gradually, move the sign down the length of your penis. Release the fingers once they reach the glans. A particular stroke will take some seconds to complete.
  • After you complete a stroke using your right hand, repeat the procedure with the same sign, using your left hand.
  • In the first week of jelqing, it is recommended to complete 100 strokes at a time. However, you can add 50 more to the number after the first week and so.


As said, penis enlargement exercises are highly effective and safe as compared to the surgery options. When it comes to male enhancement surgeries, not just these are expensive, but are also very risky.

Such an option is like going under the knife happily for these often end up causing complications for the users to face. Infection and impotence are few to mention.

On the other hand, many male enhancement products that come with promising and guaranteed results often end up making users discouraged. Most of these prove a total waste of money as they lead to complications and side effects that actually add more to the user’s problems.

However the case is completely different with penis enlargement exercises. As not just these are effective, but the gains rooted by the exercises are also lasting.


With penis enlargement exercises, you can simply add inches to the size of your penis. Not just this, these are also beneficial in helping users to improve the circumference of their penile, all these in a very natural way.

Moreover, these exercises can also help you improve the quality of your erections. That is, an improvement in the supply of blood to your penis will not just help you increase the size and circumference of your penis, but will also help you erect stronger and longer.


So, the ones who have given up trying different penis enlargement products but have received unsatisfactory results, or the ones not interested to throw money experimenting any penis enlargement product must try these exercises. These are perhaps the only natural way to add inches in your penis size.

The ones with a penis size of 4 inches or less, can add 1-2 inches in the first few weeks of regular exercising. However the ones with a penis size of 5 inches can add an inch in their size, in the very first month. So, there is no harm in trying, something that is free of cost and is totally worth the effort!

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Men, since the older times have been seeking and trying out means that can help them enhance their sexual appeal. At times, they readily undergo methods that are heavy on their pockets, but it seems as if there is no end to their thrust to improve their sexual life!

Indeed, the healthier your sexual life is, the healthier your romantic relations are! Sexual satisfaction is extremely important for both the sexes, and particularly men can do a lot to improve it. Size matters, and there are many proven methods that can actually help men not just to improve the size of their penis, but also the girth to a greater extent. Amongst some proven, yet natural means are penis enlargement exercises.

Interestingly, penis enlargement exercises are not just proven to help in improving the size and girth of penis, but these also helps with better erections. Longer and stronger erections tend to play a very significant role, when it comes to male sexuality. But unfortunately, men seem to ignore this very factor and focus more on improving the size of their penis, which is not only the right approach for a better sex life.

Many men seek means that require fewer efforts from their end. That is, something that can help them instantly, without needing their involvement. Examples include male enhancement surgery, pills, tools etc. Where male enhancement procedures also involve a greater risk of complications, others means are mostly ineffective, or delivers timely results.

However, with penis enlargement exercises, you can help improve your sexuality by not just improving the size and girth of your penis, but also the quality of your erection, all in a natural and effective way. But, with this, your involvement and dedication is simply a must as you need to invest at least 30-60 minutes everyday, for better and lasting gains. The routine may last for months if you are really serious about the change!



Over the years, penis enlargement exercises have been practiced and have benefited men with better and lasting gains. It is amongst the methods that are highly effective, causes no harm and are totally free of cost!

Basically, different techniques intend to cause stimulation to the corpus spongiosum, the soft tissue of penile. Interestingly, you may come across a number of guides, all of which merely works by providing stimulation to the corpus spongiosum. These may range from jelqing to stretching, all that are highly effective for the gains in your penile size.

Basically, the soft tissue encompassing the shaft of your penis acts similar to the muscles; under stressful conditions. So, if you target some particular muscles while you are working out in a gym, you would definitely experience a gain in those muscles after some time. The case is exactly the same here!

Exercising the penis improves the supply of blood to the corpus spongiosum, whereas, the cells encompassing the area tends to divide and expand. Such an expansion enables more blood to fill within the cells, on the other hand, exercising causes stress which enables the divided cells to facilitate the growth of penis.


Apart from the improvement in size and girth of the penis, with regular and proper penis enhancement exercises, you can simply achieve the below mentioned benefits as well:

  • IMPROVED BLOOD SUPPLY: Penis enlargement exercises facilitate a good supply of blood to the penile. This is a favorable condition for the general health of the penile. Individuals with temporary impotence can get this matter fixed, once the circulation of blood to their penile improves.
  • BETTER ERECTIONS: Good supply of blood enables better erections, apart from improving the size and circumference of the penile. That is, you can stay erected for a longer period of time and enjoy more intimacy. Not just this, penis enlargement exercises also help with stronger erections.
  • STRAIGHTENING OF PENILE: Peyronie’s disease tends to be a type of erectile dysfunction, wherein the penile curves/bends causing pain while penetration. So, with penis enlargement exercises, one can help this problem get fixed naturally, without going for costly surgeries!
  • CONFIDENCE: So, once your sexual life improves, and you holds a grip on your erections, you confidence is more likely to doubled, for you are in a better position to satisfy your partner more in bed!


Even though, these tend to be the natural approaches one would consider for his penis enlargement purpose, yet, there are some complications associated with the improper execution of these exercises.

At times, men overdo exercises to experience faster results. Remember, this is something that can merely cause you harm, no matter how safe an exercise is.

Scarring is one such example that may result from over-indulgence. In other instances, one would end up causing restricted blood circulation, in an attempt to increase more supply of blood to his penile.

Moreover, improver execution of exercises can also end up causing peyronie’s disease, despite being a cure to it.

So, no matter what program or exercises you are wondering to practice for this very purpose, remember to follow proper instructions and do it as accurately as possible!

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What if, if I tell you that there is something that can help you hold your erections for long? Something that can help you make the most from your intimacy? The secret formula, you have been seeking long to make your sex life more pleasurable and satisfactory? Well, no, I am not talking about something illegal here, or something that can greatly harm your health!

That secret formula is none other than VigRX Delay spray. The male desensitizer spray that can take your sex life to a whole new level! A level that touches the peak of pleasure! VigRX Delay spray, a new introduction to the male enhancement market seems to have a good scope for the brilliant, fast, and effective results it leads to! No hard and fast formula of application, a simple spray, AND YOU ARE DONE!  Yeah, it’s that simple!


Even though, Vigrx delay spray is relatively new in the male enhancement market, yet, it has been receiving excellent user reviews from its customers. Have a look to its key benefits:

  • It enables you to hold your erections for a longer period of time.
  • The longer your erections, the pleasurable intercourse.
  • With its usage, you can orgasm the moment you want.
  • Satisfy your girls more for they can climax several times during the erected period.
  • Make your sex life full of pleasure, fun and satisfaction.

All in all, vigRX delay spray can help you live those enjoyable moments for long! So, if you want to enjoy the longest oral sex you can hardly get with normal erections, get yourself a remote control for your penis, get yourself vigRX delay spray today!

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Vigrx delay plus, as the name suggests, is a male enhancement product that helps you to hold your erections for long. Longer erections simply enable you to enjoy sex even more.

It is an effective desensitizer spray which utilizes the science of benzocaine, a mild anesthetic, which simply relaxes the nerves of your penile to hold longer erections.

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For the powers to prolong erections, this mild anesthetic has been used in endurance condoms since years. Interestingly, some brilliant heads rightly utilized this powerful sex extender to formulate a male desensitizer spray! Just spray it on the shaft and glan of your penile and give the formula ten minutes to work wonders for you!


  • With vigRX delay spray, you can enjoy longer intercourse.
  • You will have a complete hold on your orgasms. So not just you can start having fun the moment you feel like, but can also put an end to it, the second you feel enough!
  • VigRX delay spray is more effective than other desensitizers available in the market.
  • It causes no harm to your skin, such as rashes, irritation etc. It is a skin friendly spray.
  • It causes no pain and can be purchased without a prescription.
  • Can help you satisfy your partner more.



Even though, highlighting the cons of this product is something difficult as there isn’t any to mention. However, possibilities are that:

  • Your penile may turn numb due to over excessive use.
  • Some men resist lidocaine.


Since, the product is an invention of some expert minds, working in the field of male enhancement since decades, thus the possibilities of side effects are near to nil. It is a quality desensitizer spray that has successfully met the standards of health and safety regulations in North America.

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The best part about using VigRX delay spray is that no compromise has been made on the ingredients of this product. That is, it is a high quality male desensitizer spray which enables you to enjoy your sex life, without causing any harm to your skin. The reason is pretty obvious, since it involves the most sensitive part of your body, thus, all safety measures have been thoroughly taken to ensure VigRX delay spray becomes your topmost choice in male desensitizers ruling the market!

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According to a study, females like intercourse that last for some 20 minutes or so! Indeed, with normal erections, this is something next to impossible! So, why not satisfy your partner when you actually can, and make her say a wow this time!

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As men age, they start to experience certain problems related to their sexual health such as low sex drive and weak erections.

Not just middle aged men face these problems today, however, it has been observed that more and more young men have also been undergoing sex-related problems that can and have affected their romantic relations to a greatest extent.

Well, you may find innumerable male enhancement products ruling the industry, however, while some are too expensive for an average earning consumer to afford, others lead to side effects; ranging from minor to intense complications!

At this point, the need of an effective, affordable and safe male enhancement product is greatly felt!

Presenting Vigrx Plus, a product that can change your life, for sure!

Vigrx plus, the male enhancement product can help you fix your sex related problems in no time.

No matter if it’s related to poor performance in bed, or low sex drive, vigrx plus is the ideal, one-stop solution for all!

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that can affect you in many ways. It is marked by weak erections, erections that occur for short durations.

Furthermore, one with erectile dysfunction would not have stronger erections. The condition is more like impotence for it disables a man to fully satisfy his partner.

Thankfully, Vigrx plus is a proven solution for a problem like erectile dysfunction. It enables solid and longer erections, for you to satisfy her in bed!

Besides, Vigrx plus is also effective in correcting the curvature caused by peyronie’s disease. And above all, it is an ideal supplement for the ones with impotence.

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The benefits of using vigrx plus are mentioned below:

  • It boosts your libido and enables you to perform better in bed.
  • It helps with longer and stronger erections. Thus, people with weaker erections must try and benefits from this product.
  • It boosts the power of orgasms.
  • It aids in improving your overall sex health. It is an ideal supplement for men with impotence.
  • It also increases your energy and stamina at the time of intimacy.
  • It soothes your mind and relieves stress which merely acts to affect the sex drive.
  • It is also beneficial for the ones with curved penis, resulted by peyronie’s disease.
  • It improves blood supply to the shaft of your penis. With this, you are more likely to improve the quality of your erections.


The formula of vigrx plus composed of some highly powerful aphrodisiacs, libido enhancers and erection precursors all of which work together to improve your sexual health.

The supplement simply works by affecting the level of nitric oxide. When this occurs, the erectile tissues surrounding the corpus cavernosum relaxes.

This results in improving the supply of blood to your penile shaft. And of course, the better supply the better erections!

No just this, the supplement also aids in stimulating the natural production of an essential sex hormone, testosterone! Increased levels of testosterone enable a drastic improvement in your libido and stamina levels.


All all-natural ingredients of vigrx plus are:

  • BIOPERINE: Bioperine simply helps your body to take in the imperative nutrients, vigrx plus encompasses.
  • ASIAN RED GINSENG: The ingredient is extremely effective with regard to erectile dysfunction. Moreover, it also helps to add levels to your stamina, so that you remain super charged during the course of intimacy.
  • DAMIANA: This ingredient simply aids in enhancing your libido that may have affected by stress, aging or unhealthy foods.
  • EPIMEDIUM LEAF EXTRACTS: Epimedium leaf extracts improve blood circulation to your penile. Besides, it also helps in improving low sex drive.
  • SAW PALMETTO BERRY: It enhances libido and is highly beneficial for both the sexes.
  • GINKGO LEAF: This also facilitates a better blood circulation to your penile.


You can simply expect vigrx plus to help you improve your overall sexual health.

Besides, if you have erectile dysfunction or peyronie’s disease, then this supplement will work wonders for you, in a very natural and affordable way.

Furthermore, you can also expect it to cause no harm to your health, while you are on the go to improvement.


Vigrx plus is free from any harm. Thanks to its natural ingredients that merely works to enhance your sexual health without turning detrimental for you.

However, overdosing should be strictly avoided.


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