Secret Of Porn Star’s Huge Load Revealed

Have you ever wonder what makes these porn stars ejaculate so heavily? Of course, their volume of ejaculation is far more than that of a normal man. Not just this, their erections are also longer enough to witness their partner orgasm several times. So, what is the secret behind this? Is there something they use to double their orgasmic pleasure in bed? Something that increases their timings or doubles, in fact triples their sperm production?

Every single man on this planet would agree to this fact that increased volumes of semen can double the pleasure and satisfaction of ejaculation. Not just this, but the longer you can hold your erections, the longer you can enjoy your intimacy and make the most from it.

As per a study, on an average, women enjoy sexual intercourse that last for at least twenty to twenty two minutes. Indeed, this is something impossible for most of the men as there tends to be several factors that greatly impact your erections and sperm production.

What are these factors and to what extent these affect your sexual health, is not important at this point. Something which is more important is that what can be done to overcome such concerns in bed. That is:

  • What can be done to improve sexual intercourse timings?
  • What can be done to improve semen production?
  • Is there something that can help with stronger and harder erections?
  • Is there something that can enhance my orgasmic pleasure, improve virility and power in bed?

Well, the answer to aforementioned question is Yes! There is a lot more you can do to improve your sexual health to a considerable level, all through a natural mean!

Recently, two products that we got to know from our inner source actually unveil the secret of porn star’s huge load! Now, you will be surprised to know that these products are not just clinically proven, but works in a very natural way to help you get the most out of your intimacy. Products these porn stars use to enhance their sex life and pleasure in bed.

So, these products are:


Performer5 is a name known to many. It is chiefly used to increase the production of sperm by men all over the globe. Apart from its semen increasing properties, the product is also beneficial in improving size gains.

Amongst core benefits associated with this sex enhancement product, performer5 is also proven to be an effective solution against concerns like erectile dysfunction. Basically, erectile dysfunction is a common condition in men that is characterized by poor erection quality. Now, you may be wondering what poor erection quality means. Well, erections that fail to last longer or are not stronger enough to cause immense pleasure for you and your partner are known to be as poor quality erections. So, Performer5 is one such product that can help you with rock hard erections that last to a point your satisfaction reaches the peak!

Well, before I move on to the next product, let me just quickly brief the benefits of using performer5 for you to better understand how effective this product can turn out for your sexual health.


  • Performer5 is a proven formula that helps to increase your semen volume by up to 5 times!
  • It boosts your sex drive, pleasure and performance in bed.
  • Using performer5, men can experience intense orgasmic pleasure.
  • It improves the quality of erections. That is, you will have firmer erections that you can hold longer to the point of utmost satisfaction.

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Vigrx plus is a proven solution for many concerns related to sexual health. The product is extremely effective for the ones with Erectile Dysfunction, that is for the ones with weaker erections that do not last long. Vigrx Plus is for all those men willing to revive and spice up their sex life. From improving libido to fixing the curvature caused by peyronie’s disease, this sex enhancement supplement is believed to be a natural key that can successfully treat innumerable sex related problems safely. So, lets move on to some core benefits associated with Vigrx Plus:


  • Vigrx plus can help you last longer in bed. That is, it is highly effective with regard to longer, as well as rock hard erections.
  • It boosts libido for you to feel and enjoy your intimacy more.
  • Using Vigrx plus, men can have intense orgasmic pleasure.
  • It improves your semen quality.
  • Vigrx plus doubles your sexual stamina and endurance in bed.

So, these were the two natural and clinically proven formulas that most porn stars use to improve their sexual timing and semen quality. Hope these help!

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All About Penis Enlargement

Time has gone when all you can do about a small penis was to accept it! Today, advancement in research has introduced us with several options that have enabled us to change the way it is! By this, I simply mean that one can now take measures to improve the size, as well as the circumference of his manhood too!

So, what are these approaches and how can these help us gain? Have a look to these:


Penis enlargement surgery is one of the most effective options that can greatly help you increase the length of your penis permanently. So, what does the option offers and what are its minus points, have a quick look to these:


  • Penis enlargement surgery leads to immediate gains. That is, you do not need to wait for months and months to wait for the desired outcomes. All you need to do is spend money, and let the surgeons do the rest! If studies are to be believed, then the option can help you gain as much as 2 inches in the size of a flaccid penile. As far as circumference is concerned, the surgery can help you increase the girth by 35%.
  • Gains generated by penis enlargement surgery are lasting.


  • Penis enlargement surgery is not an affordable option for all. It is quite expensive and on average, it costs 10,000. Something that is out of range for an average earning consumer.
  • Penis enlargement surgery is not always an effective option. Success chances are 50-50.
  • In many cases, penis enlargement surgery has ended up in prompting some serious side effects and complications. This clearly means it is a risky option not suitable for all.


Then comes penis stretchers, a much safer option against penis enlargement surgeries. Penis stretchers are commonly used by men of all ages. These apply traction technique which is a natural approach for the enlargement and engorgement of penile. Have a look to the plus and minus points of penis stretchers:


  • Penis stretchers, particularly the ones of known brands, are proven to stimulate gain both in terms of circumference and length. As per a study, some brands can help you add over 3 inches in size.
  • Penis stretchers can also help with better erections, as the traction technique these apply are proven to increase the circulation of blood to your genital regions. This is good for your overall sexual health too.
  • Since penis stretchers work through natural mechanism, thus the chances of size effects are next to nil.


  • In order to get the desired results, you need to wear the penis stretcher every day, for hours. The usage is supposed to be continued for months. Wearing a contraption for longer periods of time may not be comfortable and easy for all.
  • Even though, the option is not as costly as penis enlargement surgery, yet is not even cheap. Particularly if you go for a good brand like Sizegenetics. Though, the results are worth the purchase!
  • At times, wearing a contraption can injure your penis, especially if you wear it while you sleep.


Penis enlargement supplements are so far the safest and cheapest ways to increase your size. Many have proven to work wonders in terms of adding inches and improving sexual health concurrently. Have a look to the pros and cons of penis enlargement supplements:

  • Penis enlargement supplements are intended to add few inches to your length. Apart from this, these can also help in boosting libido and improving the quality of erections.
  • Penis enlargement supplements are easy on pocket and have no adverse effect on health (some quality, branded supplements).


  • Not all penis enlargement supplements are effective. Some also possess side effects. Unless you get yourself a good brand, you can encounter problems like complications and ineffectiveness etc.
  • To get the desired results, you need to wait for long.

So, these were some penis enlargement options you can consider. However, there are even exercises intended for length gains. Though, doing them accurately is very important to avoid complications and attain the expected outcomes.

If you wish to use a penis enlargement supplement that is effective, cheap and safe, then I would suggest you to consider using Vigrx Plus. The supplement can help you:

  • Enhance the quality of erections, in terms of longer and hardcore erections.
  • Boost sexual desire, stamina and endurance.
  • Improve performance.
  • Increase size gains.
  • Double the orgasmic pleasure.
  • Improve sperm quality.

The list of benefits associated with vigrx plus is long. However, vigrx plus is a male enhancement supplement proven to improve your sex life considerably. Though, using it consistently, for a period of 3 months is a compulsion for superior results!

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Penis Enlargement Surgery: Do Better Options Exist?

Well, some studies say it does not! However many agree to the saying that it does! Whatever the truth is, the fact is that every one man out of three has a problem with the size of his penis! Yes, that’s pretty true. However, women also agree to the fact that size is something they do prefer and desire in men! Apart from size, the penile girth is also one important factor that makes sexual intercourse more pleasurable for both the partners! According to women, an ideal width of a penis is 6” whereas the length is 8”! Of course, in natural circumstances, this is something nearly impossible for the majority of men!

So, what is the average size of a penis? The average penile size is 5.6” during erection, whereas the average circumference is 4.8”! As said, many do not feel comfortable with the size of their penis, thus, they seek means that can help them improve it.

What makes them feel dissatisfied about the way their penis is, is a long story. However in short, factors like porn movies, self insecurities or the misleading information spread through internet and media are few reasons behind, making them think this way.

Luckily, there are many treatments options are intend to help men overcome the ‘lacking they feel’. Amongst others, one treatment option that is sought and considered by many is male enhancement surgery! So, if you are one of those who have been thinking to undergo this invasive option, but are here to know more about it, then let us help you with the purpose! Let’s discuss the pros and cons of penis enlargement exercises in detail!


Penis enlargement surgery is an option that is commonly sought by the ones who can afford it! Yes, by the ones who can afford it! Clearly speaking, it is proven to deliver visible gain in terms of both girth and size of penile. According to the statistics, a man undergoing the treatment can increase as much as 2” in the size of a flaccid penile. Furthermore, one can also improve the girth by up to 35%! Indeed, the results are pretty much impressive and are worth the cost!

However, before I start with the pros of penis enlargement surgery, let me give you some more interesting information about this option. Coming onto the duration of procedure, it is known to last for around 60 minutes, whereas patients are advised to take rest for a minimum of seven days! Besides, they are also asked to avoid any kind of sexual activity as well as exercises for about a month. After which, they can resume their old lifestyle.  Now, it’s time to move on to the pros of penis enlargement surgery. Let’s see what it offers to you!

  1. The option leads to noticeable results right away. Plus, if you are willing to add more benefits, then you can safely use a penis pump for better results.
  2. Penis enlargement surgery leads to results that are lasting. Other penis enlargement products tend to cause temporary gains.

So, these were the pros penis enlargement surgery, lets move on to the cons now!


Even though, the gains stimulated by male enhancement surgery are impressive enough to consider the option, however, one thing that needs to be mention here is that it is associated with great shortcomings! Yes, you read it right!

Almost half of the surgeries ends up triggering complications such as infections, permanent impotence etc. Thus, while you choose this mean for your penis enlargement purpose, keep the following cons in your mind:

  1. Pain is a common complain after surgery.
  2. To enhance the length, fat is often injected in the sexual organ. In some cases, the body can reabsorb the fat and can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment to a considerable point.
  3. You may form scar tissues encompassing the incision area. Besides, other problems one is likely to face are reduced penile sensitivity, bleeding, erectile dysfunction and worst, permanent impotence.
  4. If the procedure involves cutting the suspensory ligament for length gains, then possibilities are that your erections may become affected.
  5. The results of penis enlargement surgery are not guaranteed. As said, the procedure has a 50% risk of turning ineffective. Besides, other may experience slight improvement in the girth and size of penile.
  6. The option is way more costly than anyone would even imagine! An average cost is over $10,000, making it nearly impossible for many to bear!

So, as you can see, the list of cons is three times double the list of its pros. So, it is pretty much understood that the option is not meant for all and one must thoroughly consider it prior going for it. However, if you are serious about size and girth gain, but are too afraid to face side effects, then I would suggest you to go for Vigrx Plus, a natural male enhancement supplement that can help you with the purpose safely and conveniently!

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Cumming Too Fast, What Can Be Done?

Premature ejaculation is a common complaint that actually works to rob the sexual pleasure one can get from intimacy. According to a report, women reach orgasm way later than men, and for this very reason, they enjoy sexual intercourse that could last for as much as 20 minutes and more! That’s true!

However, cumming too fast, is not only a problem that affects women, however, the concern is greatly distressing for men as well. Reason is obvious, premature ejaculation actually deprives both the partners from receiving utmost sexual pleasure and satisfaction they can receive from an erection that could last for long.

As per a study, almost 29% of guys are affected by this very condition, premature ejaculation! It is believed that the percentage would be even higher as many resist discussing their private problems to others. So, what can be the reason behind cumming too fast?

As noted above, men are more likely to reach orgasm earlier as compared to women. On an average, they reach their climax after 2-3 of intercourse, whereas women are likely to take 12-14 minutes! Similarly, there tends to be other contributors to this problem as well. For example:

  1. Nervousness.
  2. Fear of contracting STI, pregnancy or so.

Interestingly, a study suggests that aged men can better control their erections as compared to the younger ones. Considering this, one can say that something as experience also plays a part, when it comes to ejaculations.


Interestingly, there are many ways that can help you overcome the concern in a successful way. An effective approach is to exercise the PC muscle for it tends to be greatly involved with climax and ejaculation. It is an important sexual muscle that can help you with stronger and longer erections. Though, regular exercising will help you get the desired outcomes, not just in terms of quality erections, but with intense orgasmic pleasure as well.

So, what to know more about the Pubococcygeus muscle and its location?

Well, to know where exactly it is, stop your urine when you have passed half of it. In an attempt to break your flow, your PC muscle positioned right in between the testes and anus will contract. Now, you must have known where it is positioned well!


Yeah, so it’s time for the exercise now.

  1. Compress the pubococcygeus muscle for ten seconds, then relax it.
  2. Repeat the procedure for three times.
  3. Take a break for a second.
  4. Repeat the technique for ten times, holding your PC muscle for 5 seconds this time.
  5. Take a break for a second.
  6. Now, the difficult part. Try holding the pubococcygeus muscle for half a minute now, same goes for relaxing. Carry out the technique for three times.

As you can see, the exercise is very simple and it will hardly take some minutes to be performed. You can do it anywhere you feel comfortable and at whatever time that suits you. No contraption or tool is needed to carry out the exercise! However, as said earlier, you need to make sure that you remain consistent with the performance of this exercise, so that favorable results can be achieved.

In the next event of sexual intercourse, penetrate your penis inside her vagina and stop for a moment. Take few seconds to compress and relax your pubococcygeus muscle.

Plus, different, different positions can also be tried during lovemaking. Remember, women prefer men who can make the lovemaking more exciting and fun, even more than the ones with larger penises! That’s true! Always ask her about the position she prefers and enjoy more. This will help you both make the most out of your lovemaking!

If nothing has ever helped you improve your sexual timings, then I would suggest you to go for a male enhancement supplement. A supplement that can help you sort out your problems in a natural and safe way.

One good supplement that is proven to help men last longer in bed is Vigrx plus! Vigrx plus is an effective male enhancement supplement that has benefitted thousands of men with the concern, all across the globe.

To know more about vigrx plus, have a quick look to its key benefits below:

  1. Vigrx plus works to improve the quality of erections. That is, the natural supplement can help you increase your sexual timings with hardcore, solid erections!
  2. The formula is proven to augment sexual stamina considerably.
  3. It boosts sex drive and enhances performance.
  4. For many, vigrx plus has helped to improve size gains as well.

These were few benefits associated with Vigrx Plus! Thus, if you want to be the king of lovemaking and want to perform impressively, then you need nothing except Vigrx plus!

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Does Size Matter? Penis Size Factoids

The subject has been a topic of argument for years now. Where some says size does not matter, others say it does! It seems as is the question will never get a definite conclusion! Well, mentioned below are some factoids which will actually crush this never-ending topic into oblivion!

1: No, size is not as important as the girth! Yes, you heard it right. There are many studies that have ended up finding girth to be more important that the length of penile. Surprisingly, women believe that the actual pleasure factor is the thickness of the penis that works to create the fiction at the time of sexual intercourse. This fiction is something that creates immense pleasure for them. The average girth of an erect penis is considered to be 4.8 inches.

2: What penis does is more important! Well, having a large size penis not necessarily means that you are kind of the bedroom. And yes, a large size penis is not necessarily needed to make a girl happy in bed. Surprisingly, there are women who found men with larger penises boring! Yeah, that’s true. So, its all about sexual prowess. Men with small sized penis can greatly please a woman by hitting her g-spot repetitively, using thrusting movements etc. Well, this simply mean that how big is the penis is not important, how well it works is what important. Women actually enjoy the company of men who can excite them in bed, eagerly try different sexual positions and in short, make sex more happening each time!

3: Appearance is important. A study conducted in the recent times found out that women prioritize factors like physical appearance of a man more, as compared to the length of his penis. Remember, sex is more of visualization which means it is a mind game! You see, men find women with larger breast more appealing. Likewise, it is generally considered that sex can be more enjoyable with a good looking partner as compared to the one with average looks. So, its about our mind that believes good looks will give more joy in bed. As men find women with bigger breast more appealing, same way, women believe men with large sized penis can be more exciting in bed.

Thus, to play the mind game with your partner and make your appearance more attractive in her eyes, you can take few efforts! Remember, your intension is to make your penis size look bigger! So, for this very purpose, you can consider cutting your belly fat which actually overshadows your penis. A flat stomach will make your penis look more pronounced. Plus, you can also keep your public hair clean all the time. By this, your penis will look more prominent in size. All these actions will actually add to your charm as your girl will consider your size a decent one!

4: Confidence outweighs size! As per a study, women desire for men who are more confident in bed! The study also revealed that this very factor not just outweighs size, but girth as well! So, stop worrying about your size and start seeking ways to boost your sexual confidence!

So, these were the factors which actually play a crucial part in keeping a girl happy, other than the size. However, if you still believe that nothing can help you except a good size then that’s fine! You can actually take efforts to create a difference. Luckily, there are many treatment options that can greatly help you grow your penis length effectively.

One good option is enhancement surgery. However, despite being a very effective option, bearing its cost is not easy for all! Plus, the option can result in rooting some extreme complications for the users to bear lifetime! Going for a penis stretcher is also a good option. Over the years, penis stretchers have actually proved to help many improve the size gains. Then again, purchasing a good, branded penis stretcher is not easy to afford for an average earning consumer. In such a case, choosing a male enhancement supplements is a better option. Interestingly, there are many related supplements that have proven to work wonders for men. Thankfully, these work safely and are easy on pocket!

One good example is vigrx plus, a male enhancement supplement!  Clearly speaking, the product can help you increase the size, as well as the circumference of your penis.

Apart from gains, Vigrx Plus is also proven to aid with erectile dysfunction. Before I conclude my article, let me just quickly brief few of its benefits:

1.    Vigrx plus helps to enhance sex drive, stamina and performance.

2.    It helps to improve the quality of erection.

3.    It increases the penile size and girth by up to three inches.

4.    The product is free from side effects!

So, get yourself vigrx plus, and get a change for life!

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How Male Enhancement Pills Works?

The usage of male enhancement pills is pretty common these days. Unlike expensive and risky male enhancement surgeries and drugs, this option is particularly affordable, effective and of less risk in most of the cases.

Male enhancement pills are basically referred to over-the-counter drugs that are intended to improve or cater problems related to your sexual health.

Male enhancement
industry is fully loaded with products ranging from penis stretchers to male enhancement pills all that are meant to enhance your sex life one way or the other.

 Male enhancement pills either work to deal with any xyz problem related to a man’s sexual health or for the improvement of his sex life.

You may find male enhancement pills of various brands in the market, but unfortunately, not every brand manage to come up to the user’s expectations. Besides, there are many that turn detrimental for the users, acting to add more to their problems. Often, complications triggered by such are intense enough for the users to face and deal with them lifelong.

However, there is also a brighter side of the picture. I mean, there are some male enhancement pills that work too effectively for you to spice up and revive your sex life.

Yes, there are some trusted brands like Male Extra and Vigrx plus that work to improve your sexual health, without ending up with side effects.

Now, you may be wondering what makes these male enhancement pills so effective and free from side effects. Well the answer is simple!

These pills are composed of hundred percent natural and FDA approved ingredients, ingredients that are thoroughly studied and researched prior taking them for use.


Male enhancement pills are commonly used to treat general problems related to a man’s sexual health. Few of these are listed below:

  1. Low sex drive: There are many factors that are proven to impact a man’s sex drive, such as aging, stress, poor diet, etc. Majority or say almost all male enhancement pills aim to help you improve your sex drive.
  2. Erectile dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem nowadays. It is characterized by soft erections with the inability to last longer. As low sex drive, there are many contributors of erectile dysfunction as well. Cut short, men seek male enhancement pills to improve the quality of their erections. That is to have hard rock erections that last longer.
  3. Low virility, poor sexual stamina and performance: these are also some very common concerns men face nowadays. Thus, male enhancement pills are also used to retain virility and improve sexual stamina in bed.
  4. Small sized penile: Even though, the problem is not so major, yet it disturbs many. Some male enhancement pills like Male Extra are proven to add inches to the erect penile for the users to double their pleasure during intercourse.
  5. Poor sperm quality: Many men seek male enhancement pills to enhance the quality of their sperm. These pills not just work to increase the volume of sperm, but also its quality. This increases the likelihood of reproduction to a drastic point.


Some ingredients commonly used in natural male enhancement products are

All of these ingredients work to promote a better sexual health in terms of improved sex drive, quality erection and sperm.


Many male enhancement pills are composed of natural ingredients like minerals, amino acid, vitamins etc. Being natural, these work through natural mechanisms for the users to improve their sexual health safely.

For example:

  • By improving the circulation of blood to the genital areas: Male enhancement pills like Male Extra and Vigrx plus are proven to improve the supply of blood to the genital parts. By this, not just the quality of erections tends to enhance, but your overall sexual health as well.
  • Stimulating the production of HGH and testosterone: As known, human growth hormone and testosterone are of great importance for a man’s sexual health. An increase in the concentration of human growth hormone enables you to perform well in bed, whereas an improvement in the levels of testosterone helps to boost libido.
  • Increasing the effects of nitric oxide: Many male enhancement pills work to increase the effects of nitric oxide, enabling users to have solid and lasting erections.

So, these are how male enhancement pills actually work.

If you willing to use an effective male enhancement supplement but are unsure of what to use, then you must go for Vigrx Plus, the leading male enhancement pills ruling the industry nowadays.

Besides, Male Extra is also a good option you can seek. Well a part from it vigrx plus just launched a new product to made your sex life more pleasurable called Vigrx Delay Spray!

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So, what is a micro penis? Well, a micro penis is characterized by a very tiny penis that lengths below 4cm.  It is a disorder that affects 0.6% of the overall male populace. Even though, being harmless, the condition tends to be very distressing for the ones with it.

Sex plays a very crucial role in strengthening and bonding our romantic relations. Unfortunately, most men with micro penis disorder are unable to satisfy their partners in bed. This inability can shatter their self confidence. Not just this, men with the disorder are less likely to reproduce as well.

For some, micro penis disorder does not actually impact their sex life, and they tend to be comfortable the way they are. However, for many, the disorder is the cause of failed relations and they do not mind undergoing all possible approaches that can help them improve the size of their penis. Well, if you have the same concern and are willing for a change, then following ways can actually help you cope with this distressing concern, have a look:

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Even though, it is a risky choice which has a fifty percent of turning effective for you. It constructs the penile. However, saying this would not be wrong that is a perilous option that does tend to have extreme side effects. Impotence is one of them!


Well, this is an effective option as it has benefited thousands of men and is a very safe option for you. There are many penis stretching devices available in the market which applies traction principles, helping users to improve the size and girth of their penile in a very safe and secure way.


However, these activities are not medically backed, yet many suggest that penis enlargement exercises actually work. Like the prior, these are also based on traction technique, which enables your penile to stretch, provoking its growth. These are cost-effective and safe!


You can consider penis enlargement pills, for these have actually worked for many. There are many such supplements ruling the market that consists of natural ingredients and are FDA approved.  These supplements help to increase blood supply to the penile and stimulate the production of testosterone, the imperative male sex hormone. This results in adding inches to your penile size, high libido and quality erections.

So, these were some tips for the ones with micro penis disorder. However, if micro penis, is not your concern and you are willing to add charm in your sex life, then we have options to ‘fix’ this concern as well.


At times, men fail to completely satisfy their partners and themselves; due to poor erection quality.  So, what does this term means, poor erection quality? Well, it means that either your erections occur for a very shorter period of time, or either these are not stronger enough to give you and your partner immense pleasure in bed! Well, in medical term, such a condition is known as erectile dysfunction.

At times, erectile dysfunction is not just the only problem that obstructs your way to make the most from your intimacy, its often low sex drive that affects your sex life to a considerable point. So, what can be done to overcome these basic, yet common concerns, every second men undergo from?

Well, if reports are to be believed, then Vigrx plus, is one such supplement that can help you gain your lost confidence in bed, how?


Vigrx plus is an erection enhancement supplement that has been benefitting men, ever since it has been launched in the market. It is a natural, yet potent formula that helps you to add more pleasure in your sex life. Vigrx Plus, is the one-stop solution for a problem like erectile dysfunction.


Even though, the list of benefits associated with vigrx plus is long, however, mentioned below are some core benefits of vigrx plus:

  1. It helps you with stronger erections that last for a longer period of time.
  2. It increases your stamina for you to participate more intensely during the sexual activities.
  3. It has also helped many to correct the curvature caused by Peyronies disease.
  4. It boost your libido, so that your desire for ‘more’ is elevated.
  5. It helps with higher orgasmic pleasure.
  6. It gives you a total control on ejaculation.
  7. It also works in favor of people with a concern like impotence.

So, Vigrx plus is an effective remedy for low sex drive and poor erection quality. It is natural, FDA approved and yeah, affordable for an average earning consumer! What else is needed?


Can Low Testosterone Levels Lead To Depression In Men

Recently, a study revealed that men with low testosterone levels are more prone to depression.

The study further presented a statistical data, indicating that out of 4 men with low testosterone levels, 2 ended up being depressed in some stage in their lifespan.

So, what is the science behind this study, how can low testosterone levels in men, can make them more likely to become depressed? What is the logical connection between low testosterone levels and depression in men?


Testosterone tends to be a very crucial male sex hormone that is produced in testes. It is greatly needed for the smooth development and aging in men. Saying this would not be wrong that it a source of stamina, sex drive, sperm creation, bone density etc.

You may say, the overall health of a man is determined by how well his testes produce testosterone. So, in case the production of testosterone is low, then the likelihood of depression increases for they may encounter psychological issues at some point in their life.

You may have heard about a very common medical condition by the name hypogonadism. It is marked by the inability of testes to produce sufficient amount of testosterone, needed for the healthy development in men.

Even though, low testosterone levels are responsible for causing hypogonadism is known, yet, to what amount this imperative hormone is needed for a healthy body, is still unknown. What makes it a mystery is a fact that a man needs different amounts of testosterone in every stage of his life, for example, the amount of testosterone he needs during his adolescence is varied from the amount of testosterone he needs while he reaches the age of 40.

Men with low testosterone levels are sexually inactive, have less morning erections, low sex drive, sleep disorders, are weak, feel fatigue more often and are unable to have longer and stronger erections. Now the question which arises here is that what can be done to overcome this problem? Something that can boost the production of testosterone in the body for the healthy development and aging, something that can boost libido in a very natural way?

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Testo Max is very potent supplement that aids in boosting the production of testosterone. Since it is formulated using hundred percent natural ingredients, the supplement works very naturally without causing any harm to your health. Testo Max is recommended by many, to the ones willing to develop muscles and enhance libido.


It is marketed and supplied by a very renowned company, Crazy bulk that deals in sport nutritional supplements. Testo Max is FDA approved and using it is regarded as legal! Well, if you are willing to stimulate the production of testosterone in your body, but in a very natural way, then I would suggest you a very effective nutritional supplement, Testo Max!

Have a look to some core benefits of Testo Max:


  • Testo Max helps your body to produce testosterone through a very natural mechanism.
  • Increased production of testosterone will boost your libido and help you perform better in bed.
  • The supplement helps to improve the supply of blood, which is beneficial for your overall health.
  • Augmented level of testosterone will increase your stamina and energy levels, by this; you can perform better and can excel all your tasks.
  • It soothes your mind and relieves stress.
  • For people willing to cut some pounds from their weight, the supplement is an ideal choice.
  • As the level of this imperative male sex hormone increases in your body, you are more likely to age gracefully.

So, this was Testo Max, a supplement that can help you regain the lost confidence in bed, but what if, if you cannot hold your erections longer till the time you manage to satisfy your partner and yourself? What if, if your erections are not stronger enough? Well, for this purpose, you can go for an advanced formula like Vigrx Plus!


It is an erection enhancement pill that can help you enjoy your intimacy for a longer period of time. Vigrx Plus is getting an extremely positive response from the market, for people are liking the way it has been helping them with longer and stronger erections!

Vigrx plus, is basically intended for the ones with erectile dysfunction, a condition wherein it becomes difficult to uphold erections. Have a look to some core benefits associated with Vigrx Plus:


  • Vigrx plus is an erection enhancement pill that can help you with better erections. Better erections simply mean that you can uphold your erections for a longer period.
  • Besides, Vigrx plus also helps you to have stronger and firmer erections.
  • Its usage will help you control ejaculations at the time of intercourse.
  • It is also beneficial for curvature, resulted by Peyronie’s disease.
  • Vigrx Plus is highly effective for impotence.

So, if its low testosterone level or poor erection quality that has been troubling you, Get Up today, and get yourself the ideal solution!

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Male enhancement industry is saturated with thousands of products all that come with promising results to improve your sexual health and life.

However, how effective each of these is, can be fairly answered by the ones who have actually tried these. Unfortunately, many of these penis enlargement products prove to be a total waste of money for they end up being ineffective or even worse, harmful for your penile.

Provided with thousands of options, it becomes very difficult for many to choose one that rightly fits to their needs. Considering the need, I have prepared a list of some every effective penis enlargement products that are and will be ruling the year 2016,.

However, these are categorized into penis enlargement product and sex enhancement products, have a look to these:



Size genetics is one over-the-counter penis extender that is not just clinically tested, but is also endorsed by doctors. It utilizes the traction technique to add inches to your penile size. Furthermore, it has been ruling the market for almost 20 years now, and has managed to benefit thousands of users all across the globe.

With its 58 way ultimate comfort system, you can increase the size of your penis in a very comfortable, effective and faster way! It comes with a 3 months money back guarantee, so you can claim your money bank in case you find Size Genetics ineffective!

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Male extra is a very powerful penis enlargement pill that can help you add 0.8 to 2.6” to your penis size, during erections. The formula of Male extra includes L-Arginine and Pomegranate that holds sexual health benefits for you to have stronger and longer erections.

Male extra comes with a 60 days money back guarantee for you to claim your money, in case of finding these penis enlargement pills of no use.

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If you are not new to the male enhancement market, then you may have heard about this name Penomet. If not, then it is a water assisted penis enlargement pump that can help you add inches to your penile size in a very safe and natural manner.  The gaiter system technology enables your penis size to increase by raising the pressure, gradually and conveniently.

Penomet is the invention of some highly professional experts who have designed this penis enlargement tool for you to benefit from. Due to its effectiveness, the product has also managed to won awards in the previous years. Penomet is effective and easy on your pocket!

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It is penis enlargement program for the ones who do not prefer pills or device for this very purpose. Penishealth are medically supported activities that have helped thousands to increase their penile size, in less than a decade.

This cost effective approach demands you to invest 8 minutes of your day, for the increase in the size and girth of your penile.

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For people who fail to uphold their erections for a longer period of time, or the ones who do not experience harder erections, vigrx plus is an ultimate solution. Not just vigrx plus helps with stronger and longer erections, however, it also helps to improve sex drive and performance.

Vigrx plus is also beneficial for the ones with concerns like impotence and peyronie’s disease. All in all, it helps to improve our overall sexual health in a very safer, effective and natural manner.

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It is a medical type 1 device that can help you ‘fix’ the curvatures caused by Peyronies disease. Besides, peyronies device is a clinically proven device that supplies constant pressure to the penile, which enables it to stretch and straighten eventually.

Not just it works to mend the curvature; however the device also helps you with stronger erections. In a nutshell, it helps you improve your sexual life, by straightening the penile and easing pain/discomfort during sex.

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It works as a testosterone booster, the fundamental male sex hormone which improves sexual desire and performance in bed. Testosterone max stimulates the making of testosterone in the body, so that you can improve your sexual health naturally.

The supplement contains androgenic as well as anabolic properties all that benefit your body in several ways. Testosterone max is an ideal choice for all those willing to boost their libido. Plus, it is also use to deal with impotence.

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Performer5 is a dual purpose pill that helps to improve the quality and volume of your semen, and to add inches to your penile size.

Saying this would not be wrong that performer5 helps to give the needed boost to your sexual life so that the charm of intimacy doubles! Performer5 does not possess any side effects and comes with 180 days money back guarantee!

So, these were some very effective and cost effective male enhancement products that are medically baked and mostly endorsed by doctors!

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Like females leave no stone un turn to enhance their sex appeal, men too are no different! They seek every possible mean that can help them add inches in their penis size. Indeed, the longer it is, the more their partners are likely to enjoy their sexual intimacy in bed!

However, not every particular man prefer surgery, which is indeed, an effective option however is too risky. Besides, options like these are also not easy for an average consumer’s pocket.

There comes a number of products that intend to enhance your sex drive and performance, whereas you may comes across some very effective penis enlargement tools that can help you increase the size and girth of your penis.

However, if you are not interested to try any of these, and are willing to try some natural means to increase your penis size, then penis enlargement exercises can help you with this very purpose.

Penis enlargement exercises have actually benefited many who have practiced these to improve their penile size.

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It is a technique that aids in improving the penile size, in a very natural manner. Jelq is considered as the backbone of all penile enlargement exercises and is proven effective for almost all those who have tried it. Jelqing is commonly known as milking, and with this natural technique, a man can easily increase the size of his penis by inches.

So, how does jelqing works? Basically, it expands the tissues of penis, so that the circulation of blood to the penis is increased. By this, the chances of improvement in the size of penis increases.

Here are the easy steps of jelqing:

  • Before you start with this physical exercise, you will be needed a good baby oil. It will work as a lubricant and exercising on a dry penis can cause you discomfort and pain. Avoid using lotion or creams, just pick baby oil and apply it on your penis before you get started.
  • After the completion of first step, its time for some action now. Using the forefinger and thumb of your right hand, make the shape of ‘OK’.
  • Now, cover the sign around the penile base, for this tends to be your starting position.
  • Gradually, move the sign down the length of your penis. Release the fingers once they reach the glans. A particular stroke will take some seconds to complete.
  • After you complete a stroke using your right hand, repeat the procedure with the same sign, using your left hand.
  • In the first week of jelqing, it is recommended to complete 100 strokes at a time. However, you can add 50 more to the number after the first week and so.


As said, penis enlargement exercises are highly effective and safe as compared to the surgery options. When it comes to male enhancement surgeries, not just these are expensive, but are also very risky.

Such an option is like going under the knife happily for these often end up causing complications for the users to face. Infection and impotence are few to mention.

On the other hand, many male enhancement products that come with promising and guaranteed results often end up making users discouraged. Most of these prove a total waste of money as they lead to complications and side effects that actually add more to the user’s problems.

However the case is completely different with penis enlargement exercises. As not just these are effective, but the gains rooted by the exercises are also lasting.


With penis enlargement exercises, you can simply add inches to the size of your penis. Not just this, these are also beneficial in helping users to improve the circumference of their penile, all these in a very natural way.

Moreover, these exercises can also help you improve the quality of your erections. That is, an improvement in the supply of blood to your penis will not just help you increase the size and circumference of your penis, but will also help you erect stronger and longer.


So, the ones who have given up trying different penis enlargement products but have received unsatisfactory results, or the ones not interested to throw money experimenting any penis enlargement product must try these exercises. These are perhaps the only natural way to add inches in your penis size.

The ones with a penis size of 4 inches or less, can add 1-2 inches in the first few weeks of regular exercising. However the ones with a penis size of 5 inches can add an inch in their size, in the very first month. So, there is no harm in trying, something that is free of cost and is totally worth the effort!

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